About the Yoga Teacher

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Classes are beginner friendly! Don’t be scared by the photographs

2016 Graduate of the PranaVashya Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Completed ten and a half intensive courses and a single two month Teacher Training Course at Vinay's Shala in Gokulam, Mysore, India.

The Teacher Training involved covering all aspects of the study of Yoga, including Primary Series, Pranayama, adjustments and instruction.

Vinay's TTC is extremely challenging, and only 4 students were trained. During the course students woke at 3:30 am, and would finish each day between 1300 and 1330. Each morning we would perform either a Primary Series or Secondary at 5 am, followed by observing or adjusting a class of students at 7 am, followed by 1.5 hours of Pranayama (meditation) and Teacher Training (either theory or practical) from 1115 until about 1300. 

The Intensive Course consists of 75 classes a month, or 3 classes a day. These include, Primary/Secondary, Pranayama and the Backbending Class. Vinay covers all of aspects of Yoga at his Shala. 

In 2017 I taught yoga in the Isle of Man, in 2018 I decided to move to London. I aim to teach in the same style I was taught. Classes are hard, but suitable for beginners and advanced students alike. 

I now teach at Wave BJJ School in London (Chiswick). The classes are traditionally taught, and harder than Western Styles (but beginner friendly).

Graduate of the International Senshusei Course XVI

In 2006 I graduated from the Senshusei Course in Tokyo Japan, run in conjunction with the Tokyo Riot Police. 

The rate of attrition is very high in this course. The entire process takes 11 months, of which 3 are spent on the student's knees. The process is meant to instill "Spirit" and strength of will which is held in higher regard than physical ability.  

A famous book "Angry White Pajamas," by Robert Twigger was written about it. Click Here.

I later became an Uchi Deshi (Apprentice) to Gaku Homma Sensei, in Denver, Colorado (2008). 

I enjoy winter sports, and I am a keen skier and mountain biker. Although I am qualified as a ski instructor, I only go skiing as a sport and I have spent 3 months skiing at Red Mountain in British Colombia under the instruction of Mark Impey who's an excellent instructor (Level 4 (the highest level)) and runs Canadian Ski Quest. I highly recommend him if you are interested in skiing (as a holiday, or as a professional). 

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